On the road to the legendary valley of Ourika, inside a humble village gate across two arcane doors, with sculpted arcades, discover an uncommon and original place: Jnane Leila.

Designing and building Jnane Leila, in imitation of a Berber village, required the use of traditional skills and materials which confer great elegance to the place: the laterite mud (skillfully baked clay mixed  with hay), hand made desert-color bricks, uncovered beams and supports, wrought iron, Atlas ksours decorations and Tadelakt (counterpart of  Italian stucco).

The building consists of 3 single rooms and 7 suites, each with two rooms, all with a fireplace and a terrace  overlooking the swimming pool and the lush perfumed garden planted with pleasant smelling jasmine, orange trees and other species of the country.
Our restaurant, of confirmed authenticity, located off the rooms, under a discreet panoramic terrace, offers exquisite, subtle and fine dishes (prepared almost wholly using organic products), prepared with love and patience, in total respect for the rich teachings of our elders.

Once there, your host, endowed with real artist talent, coupled with professionalism and efficiency, will give you a warm welcome, assisted in that with courteous and discreet personnel.